Antiques often can be deceptive and we can't tell until we are inside how much retieing may need to be done.  Cost to retie a chair runs between $65.00 and $85.00 and a couch averages 100.00 to 125.00 often we are able to do a partial tie and charge accordingly. 



Prices vary on 4 and 8 way ties.  We will  advise you as to what is best for you.

I want to not only cover your furniture   I can help you redesign it, even slight changes can make a difference.  Add a skirt or take one away. make a fat arm fatter or thin it down. We can make a square flat back couch into a camel back.  Change a pillow back to a pull over back.

Most overstuff chairs cost about 400.00
Couches usually at about 700.00 to 900.00

(this will depend on the size of the furniture and the cost of the fabric and then of course if you need new foam or a style change.)

Is that couch or chair getting hard to get out of. It may need new foam in the cushions or how about raising the legs an inch or two. We will suggest ways to make it estetically correct.

There are many types and densities of foam used for variouse purposes, we stock furniture cushion foam and foam to rebuild and repair ATV tractor and boat seats

Antiques may need some wood work If the base needs new webbing we do that too. 

From Pick up to delivery  (drop offs welcome) we are here to serve you with an appointment so you are not without your favorite piece more than a few days.  

We make custom size and shaped throw pillows or cushions for any chair couch R.V. or patio furniture.  All we need is the size and style

Boxed cushion with cording on the top and bottom
Waterfall Cushion with a rolled over front edge

Truck seats, Plain work style heavy duty truck vinyl or the new 4 way stretch Allsport   Bench seats start at 145.00 in an average auto vinyl 


custom design seats  pleat'n roll  Diamonds or unique designs starting at 195.00

We will fix springs and replace sections of foam as needed.

ATV and cycle seats can be upholstered quickly and in some cases with an appointment they can be covered within an hour.  We carry the new Allsport outdoor vinyl made for Cycle and skidoo equipment seats it has a 4 way stretch and that means few to no seams on the once molded and factory formed seats. 

Window seats cushions and window top treatments (Cornus Boxes) can be made to order

We don't make drapes or curtains only the toppers and we pad and cover them adding trim or leaving plain.

I can make covers for just about anything.  If I can understand its use,

I can help you select the best fabric for the job.

I have made tire covers Plain or Really fancy. 

Covers for Generators, Bikes,  Motorhomes, wheelchairs Drillpresses the size of a small room. We just made covers for Antique Fire trucks.

Automotive: Although we love truck upholstery and older car seat upholstery , we do not specialize in Automotive.  I do replace sections of seats with close matched fabric as needed and will work with you if you want to take the seat out and bring it in.  But for most leather electric bucket car seats you might want to find an auto Upholstery specialist.

Headliners from start to finish.  Some headliners can be sent out for you to install yourself,(specializing in Replacement Suburban Headliners) others we will need to install and that can be done in many cases at your location, if in the tri county area by our friend and Headliner specialist. (Butte Glenn and Tehema)

Sunvisors make new ones or cover your old ones, make them match or compliment your new auto interior, we can help.

Carpet kits, Molded or form fitted, we can help you install them or we will install them for you. Prices depend on the make and model of the vehicles.  We sell them at 10% over cost plus shipping (with payment in advance)

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