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Is my furniture worth covering?  It was not very expensive when I bought it.

Usually Yes... If we need to add a board or replace a spring or 2 or tighten it up we can do all that when we are inside rarely do I find a piece of furniture that can not be upholstered. 

Can I put a stripe on a barrel chair?

Not and have it look its best  barrel chairs are best covered in a fabric that will allow the curves to look good. 

Can you make slip covers?

No, I have, but slip covers slip and I choose to do custom work.  I can make you arm caps and even a head cap if you request them before the fabric is ordered I will only charge you for the fabric and make them for free to compliment the job.

Try Surefit.net they have sales and do special orders for you.

Do you make matching throw pillows?

I can but I enjoy making them in a contrasting color or even putting one color on one side and another color on the other side. But I will do as you wish.  I have also made footstools to match and designed cornus boxes for with top of window treatments and they can really finish off a room. 

As I am getting older its hard to get out of my couch.  Is it the springs or the foam? can you help?

Its usually the foam But occassionally its the springs and could even be a couch that was built when the 1" legs were popular

So I would suggest that we check the foam first and see if thats it.  I can often tighten the zig zag springs with a network of spring bands and a little hard work but we do have to bring the couch in and fix it from the bottom.  The cost is usually minimal since we do not have to remove the fabric.  Then occassionally we need to raise the legs up a bit and that price depends on the legs you choose. 

A new couch may not be much better after its broke in. 

Fabrics have greatly improved over the years in their durablility on the other hand there are discounts and close outs that are discounted for a reason,  Be careful if you need outdoor fabric that you know what you are buying. 

Some close outs are colors that are no longer popular others may have a flaw that is marked and can be cut around if there is an allowance made for it.  so Know whey you are getting a good deal on the fabric or purchasing your own might not save you money. 

All Upholstery Fabric is 54 inches wide  occassionaly wider But if it is 48 inches wide its Drapery fabric and will not wear the same.

Is the Double Rub count a good way to know if fabric is durable.  Its one test But I use it as a starting place But then I will test the sample and see what happens when I spill on it or try to snag it with a ring or sharp object. 

Some fabrics say heavy duty on them and others are commercial duty like for medical offices and such.

Outdoor fabric is always labeled as such But I found that outdoor fabric will still fade a little if in the direct sunlight. 

Boat material is also well marked when you purchase it from a reputable dealer.  It is made to take the sun against the water and the UV rays of the sun.  While Automotive materials will take the sun threw glass and hold up very well.

All sport the new 4 way stretch fabric is great for cycle and tractor seats allowing you to do seats that were form fitted before and now can be done with minimal seams.  Giving you a better fit and longer lasting as a result. 

I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have let me know how I can help you. 

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