In most cases, furniture will be completed within 5 days. We can provide local pick-up of furniture, or we can arrange for you to drop-off furniture with an appointment.

For an exact, hold-me-to-it estimate, we will need the following:

Your Fabric Selection. We offer a discount on the price of our labor when fabric is ordered directly through us. You may use your own fabric, but the cost associated with using your own fabric increases the cost of our labor. Since we receive overhead on our fabric through our vendors, we can pass that savings on to you by discounting our labor costs. Unfortunately, we can't offer that savings when fabric is purchased through a different source.

Fabric Sample

There are many upholsterers that will not work with you if you use your own fabric. Confirm that using your own fabric is acceptable prior to buying the fabric. We're willing to work with you! If the price is right on your discounted fabric, we can definitely discuss your options.

There are a few things that are essential when choosing a fabric. Does the material have a Pattern? Is the pattern large or small? Is there a nap? (Found in most Velvets and Corduroy's) Is there a change in color or sheen in the fabric?
These questions are essential in determining how much fabric will be needed in order to upholster your item. A large pattern means that we will need to use the center of the pattern as a basis for each section of your upholstery job, which means that here is typically more wasted fabric with large patterns.

Next, look at your furniture and be able to describe it.  High back, pillow back, skirt, no skirt. Are the cushions square or do they look like a "T"?

A picture is worth a thousand words  ... Use your digital camera and e-mail photos!

There can be additional costs as well. We can't determine the condition on the inside of your furniture until the old material is removed. Additional costs will accrue if springs are broken or need adjusting (For example, the ties that hold the springs together are broken), gluing, wood needs to be fixed, refinishing of wood, etc. Once we have removed the original material, we will contact you about any issues prior to making the changes.

Antiques can be very deceptive. It’s hard to tell how much retying may need to be done to the springs.  The cost to retie a chair runs between $65.00 and $85.00, while a sofa averages $100.00 to $125.00. Often, we can do a partial tie and charge accordingly.  
Prices vary depending on 4-way and 8-way ties.  We will advise you as to what the best option is for you. 

We can do much more than just upholster your furniture! We can help you redesign it, including slight changes that make a very large difference.  For example, we can add a skirt or take one away. We can make a large arm larger, or we can thin an arm down. We can turn a square back sofa into a camel back, or even change a pillow back sofa into a pull-over back sofa.

Most overstuffed chairs cost around $400.00

Sofa's typically cost $700.00 to $900.00
(Prices depend on the size of the furniture, cost of the fabric, foam if needed, and the redesigning of the piece.)

Is your sofa or chair getting hard to get out of? It may need new foam in the cushions or you may want to raise the legs an inch or two. We will suggest ways to make it more comfortable and more aesthetically pleasing.

There are many types of foam as well. The density and thickness of foam is used for multiple purposes. We stock furniture cushion foam and foam for rebuilding and repairing ATV tractor and boat seats. You may want to add foam to an old ottoman or even a headboard!

Antiques may need some wood work and the base may need new webbing. We do that too!  

From Pick up to delivery, we are here to serve you! Please schedule an appointment so you are not without your favorite piece of furniture for more than a few days.   

We make custom throw pillows of various shapes and sizes. We also make cushions for any chair, couch, R.V., or patio furniture.  All we need are the measurements and the style of cushion.

We can make covers for just about anything.  If we understand its use, we can help you select the best fabric for the job.

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